12 Oct 2022

United by Planet

We believe it’s every company’s responsibility to consider its impact on the world and make it a positive one. Having world-leading, quality formulas that don’t harm our environment. That’s why we make extra efforts to audit our facilities, refine our processes, and reduce our ecological footprint.


The ‘environment’ criteria of B Corp certification takes into account our commitment to; environmental management systems, energy, water and waste reduction, recycling efforts, greenhouse gas emission off-sets, product packaging, ethical production practices, relationships with ethical suppliers as well as reducing the impact of travel and commuting. These areas have a huge reach across the organization and with an intention of recertifying every 3 years, we will hold ourselves accountable on these impact areas, through continuous improvement.

Building quality formulas doesn’t have to harm our land, water, air or animal life. The planet of tomorrow is our most precious resource.

We are doing everything in our power to create a better future for our planet by holding ourselves to higher standards, and legally committing to the impact we have on the planet. This has a structural impact in our organization. For example we swap out plastic for cardboard to fill up our packaging, we are looking into increasing the amount solar panels on our roofs and are continuously searching for other green ways of producing energy. We are working on a green fleet and providing electrical charging points for the electrical cars of our employees. We involve gravity - where we can - in our production processes instead of electricity our manual power. And there is so much more yet to come. B Corp is an official certification that marks our continuous process to improve our impact on the world and on the healthcare industry as a whole.

At Metagenics we take full responsibility for looking after the environment and minimizing our impact, because we know that the planet of tomorrow is our most precious resource.

What does this mean for us?

B Corp certification is independent and legally audited evidence that at Metagenics we truly care about our mission to help people live happier and healthier lives.