Supplier Code of Conduct


Metagenics is dedicated to helping people live a happier, healthier life, through personalized lifestyle-based healthcare, by providing products that meet the highest quality standards.

We are committed to doing this in a safe, ethical and honest manner, in a way that promotes corporate social and environmental responsibility.

This includes responsible supplier selection by conducting business with suppliers who share Metagenics’ commitment to integrity. Therefore, Metagenics requires its suppliers and sub-suppliers to operate in accordance with the principles and ethical standards contained in the Supplier Code of Conduct. The guidelines set forth here are the minimum required and Suppliers are encouraged to exceed the requirements set forth in this Code.

Our suppliers comply with and exceed all applicable environmental, health and safety regulations and are committed to doing their part for a sustainable future through continuous efforts to improve environmental processes and achieve compliance.
The content of this Supplier Code of Conduct shall be reviewed on an ongoing basis.